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CB HITECH CO., LTD is a leading exploiter, supplier, exporters, and wholesalers naturalstone with an warehouse constantly updated with a selection of materials in different types and formats, such as granite, marble, sandstone, slate, quartzite, limestone, onyx and stones articles. Especially unique stone products: Jupiter Blue Gray Quartizite, Spider Blue Gray Quartizite, Sapa White Marble, Black Horizon Marble.

Our stones are sourced from top-tier quarries, processed in manufacturing houses with Italian cutting-edge technologies to satisfy our international clientele.

From a semi-finished to a custom-made slab or rough blocks, we ensure the finest quality material for every surface and application.

Our Service

The widest of varieties

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Customized approach

Our service

Slabs, Blocks, Tiles and customised products in a wide range of finishings to enhance the uniqueness of each material: polishing, honing, brushing, sandblasting, etc.

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CB Hitech Stone, a place to preserve and convey masterpiece that nature has given us!

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